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Art-work Requirements

Hamilton uses the following file formats:
.EPS, .AI, .PSD, .PDD and Adobe format .PDF We do not have Quark

  • Please convert all TEXT to "outline/vector art" This would include all text including the plate name.
  • Please assign a Spot Color (PMS #) for Separations NOT CYMK or RGB
  • If this is to be 4 color process, please send the file and we will get back to you with what the conversation will cost you. There is a fee for this service.
  • When saving the program please save as Adobe Illustrator 7.0 EPS or send the AI file and we will convert the format.
  • If you have another format other than those listed above such as "QUARK" please E-mail us the file including the Font and Image files and we will send you a quote on what it will cost you to convert the file to a File Format we can use.
  • E-mail all Art-work to

For More Information
Call 1-800-398-2427